Art. 3900


 Starting from the base of an old Uruguayan coin minted in 925 silver. All its parts were saved, extracted and strategically placed until the complete transformation was achieved.  After a process of more than 50 microweldings, 5 natural amethysts were placed, representing the richness of our soil.

 Kingdom Line

 It is based on transformation, therefore this piece not only measures the same as the coin but also weighs the same.  Fruit of chance or perhaps destiny.


 We are what we are thanks to past events, they led us down this path and we would be nothing without them.

 Events that transcend our lives, those of our parents and entire generations.

 530 years ago an event occurred that would take our civilization to this point, two worlds were found, confronted and finally united.  530 years ago Columbus discovered America and to commemorate this event this piece was created.


 This imposing ring has all the coats of arms of Latin America on its body, the Uruguayan shield adorns the front.  From above you can see the Spanish shield having the infinity symbol on its sides and the dates 1492/1992 on its back.  Below you can see the word Uruguay and the writing "meeting of two worlds."  On the back of the ring is the inscription "Eastern Republic of Uruguay" and inside it you can see the word Uruguay along with the characteristic symbol of our brand, the “D” followed by the “O” and finally the “D” inverted.  Three beautiful amethysts sparkle on his forehead.

 Two zirconias along with the flag of the race and Uruguay adorn its sides.

 The Meeting of Two Worlds (E2M) piece is a unique piece from Dod Laserta's Kingdom line.

€  500,00
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