Dod Laserta

Dod Laserta

Brands - Uruguay

Originally from Uruguay, 31 years old and with a very restless mind. Always looking to create, imagine and materialize ideas.

His beginnings lie at a very young age, dance, art and illusionism kept his mind occupied, entertained and trained.

His passion was centered on imagining and making his own illusions, from flying objects, optical illusions and trick coins. Any object could be transformed into a magical moment.

It was thus that 4 years ago he came to discover the world of jewelry at the Pedro Figari School of Art. Since then, this beautiful art occupies a great space in his life.

Your jewels go through an exhaustive design process before it is manufactured. No idea is bad if there are good design bases in it, each jewel tells a story, hides a secret or simply delights the viewer with a fresh and somewhat eccentric touch.

Santiago Domínguez is his name and Dod Laserta is his passion.

Event - Jewelry fairs and events