OVERJEWELS was born with the aim of establishing an exclusive and international reference point among the operators of the Fashion&Luxury field. A social commerce that gives space to all the shades of jewelry. OVERJEWELS ensures a 360 degrees promotion thanks to the combined action of online and offline channels, combining all the potential of the social commerce platform and the innovative publishing project. Professionals, producers and industry experts are part of an exclusive community able to establish strong connections by encouraging the growth of the business by starting and consolidating commercial relationships of great value.

The social commerce OVERJEWELS is dedicated to all the companies that want to grow by transforming their business through an innovative digitalization process inside the Jewelry and Fashion&Accessory field. Designers, artists, brands, companies, manufacturers but also photographers, journalists and buyers will find a personalised space to sell, purchase, relate and dialogue with other professionals members of the community. Five different profiles: lover, journalist, operator, showcase and e-commerce are ways to be connected globally by remaining updated on news and exclusive contents reserved for users.

The active networking generated by OVERJEWELS will ensure the development of new ideas and stimulating opportunities able to validate the professional path of each one. Characteristics that only the dynamic dialogue between different polyhedral realities can generate.

The profiles through which to connect are different and customizable according to the needs and objectives of each user:

  • The Showcase Profile allows you to present your activity at 360 degree publishing a complete introduction of your professional profile (biography, contacts, profile image). This user can consult and publish news, offer their services, buy and participate in events.
  • The E-commerce Profile guarantees, in addition to the specific services of the showcase profile, the possibility to sell their jewels/products to OVERJEWELS users. Each profile is managed autonomously by putting the products for sale, organizing the couriers and advertising news and offers.
  • The Operator Profile is the profile dedicated to all professionals and to the companies that work in the field but do not produce jewelry. Through this profile you can advertise your reality, offer your services, buy, consult and publish news, participate in events and interact with all users.
  • The Journalist Profile is reserved to all the publicist, press officer and journalists. It will be possible to publish articles, news, press releases with images and information relating to the world of jewelry. Each user will have the possibility to create a presentation in the personal area by publishing the biography, contacts and profile picture.
  • The Lover Profile allows you to buy pieces from the brands and artists of the website, read press releases, news and events along with all the contents of the website. It also allows you to contact all the artists to ask for information about their creations and all the users.