Shipping conditions

All products for sale on the website are shipped directly from each Seller to the address indicated by the buyer during the purchase process. The Seller chooses the courier through which to ship the products. On all pages of products for sale, within the "Shipping Info" section, are always visible shipping times, the geographical areas where the product can be shipped, any costs and shipment insurance. Each Seller decides at its own discretion whether to offer free shipping.

Shipping costs and any customs duties and taxes are always borne by the user / customer, regardless of whether it is a consumer or professional. Shipping costs are always determined by the Seller. In case of purchase of multiple products from different Sellers, the shipping costs of each are added together. The total amount of shipping costs will shown to the user before the order confirmation.

Shipping costs are referred to weight, bulk, delivery destination and/or any other services required (insurance, delivery times, change of destination address, etc.). In relation to the price of the product, Prodes Italia reserves the right to communicate any errors contained in the product sheet or variations, before confirming the order. In this case, Prodes Italia will promptly inform the User by sending a specific communication, thus guaranteeing the right to cancel the order.

If the User decides to procede with the order, he/she accepts the price as modified. Prodes Italia reserves the right to verify the regularity of advance payments, made by credit card, debit card and bank transfer, before the final confirmation of the order. In case of non-payment, Prodes Italia may declare immediately liquid and collectable all the amounts due to obtain the payment of the prices of the products. The order will be delivered, at the address indicated, in the manner provided for in these general conditions of contract.

The purchased goods will be delivered within the terms provided for by Legislative Decree 206/2005 (30 days). No responsibility can be attributed to Prodes Italia, for delayed or non-delivery, due to force majeure or fortuitous events or to the responsibility of the carrier. The user / customer may choose another carrier, it being understood that the transport will take place at their own risk, care and expense. Upon receipt, the user is required to verify the conformity of the product delivered to him/her compared to the order placed.

Only after this verification, and without prejudice to the right of withdrawal, the user must sign the documents of delivery. Acceptance without reservation extinguishes any liability of Prodes Italia and the Seller for any defects. Prodes Italia recommends to make an accurate verification of the conformity and integrity of the product, taking into account any kind of anomaly that the same may present, at the time of delivery.

Should the product be damaged, adulterated or modified, Prodes Italia invites the customer to immediately report the damage by contacting the Seller directly using the appropriate contact form in the Advertiser's profile and in the pages of the products offered for sale. In case of defect or other damage affecting the product, to be reported within and not later than 10 days from the receival of the piece, Prodes Italia shall return the price of the product, after verification of the same.

To this end, the user must return the defective product at his own expense, without tampering with it or replacing it, in order to allow the manufacturing company to carry out all the necessary checks. If the checks have a positive outcome, the manufacturing company or Prodes Italia undertake to guarantee the return of the price of the product (including shipping costs), which is actually found to be defective or, alternatively, to guarantee the replacement of the product. All costs related to customs duties and taxes are always borne by the purchaser for both outward and return shipments.

Prodes Italia is not responsible for damages caused by any defective or damaged products, as a result of a failure to check by the user/customer. If the user/customer refuses to receive or fails to receive delivery of the product, in accordance with the provisions of these general conditions of sale, all risks related to the loss of or damage to the products shall in any case be borne by him/her.

In this case, Prodes Italia may: request immediate and full payment for the products and make delivery by any means deemed appropriate, or deposit the products at the full risk and expense of the customer; request payment of all costs of storage and warehousing of the products and any other expenses incurred due to the refusal or inability to receive delivery; cancel the order and dispose of the products, without prejudice to its right to compensation for damages caused by the user, in addition to the risks and expenses mentioned above.

The professional user will not have the right to refuse the products, in whole or in part, and will have to pay in full. When the delivery of the products takes place in a divided manner, each batch of products shall be considered as referring to a separate and distinct contract; any defect found in one or more batches shall not entitle to terminate the entire order or contract or to cancel the orders relating to each subsequent batch. The buyer is always required to check whether there are any restrictions on the import or purchase of particular materials in his country. The user is therefore solely responsible for any purchases of products made from materials not authorized by his country. Before any purchase, it is advisable to view the list of CITES regulations at the following link: .