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Born in Shanghai, Chinese jewellery artist Wenyin Jiang studied jewellery design at Central Saint Martins and Gemmology at The Gemmological Association of Great Britain in London.

Her jewellery creations respond to her desire to construct her contemporary ode by incorporating silver, gold, gemstones, and borosilicate glass, with other unconventional multi-disciplinary practices.

She participated in Milano Jewellery Week 2023 and won the Artistar Jewels Award 2023 selected by Alessio Boschi, Bryna Pomp, Guido Solari and Muriel Piaser. And two Artistar Jewels Network Awards 2023, selected by Galleria Carlo Lucidi in Roma and Galeria Alice Floriano in Brazil.

She also won the Public Choice Award 2023 at the AUTOR Contemporary Jewellery Fair 2023. She also won the Assamblage Contemporary Jewellery School Award 2023 and Revista Atelierul Award 2023 at Romanian Jewellery Week 2023. She was shortlisted for the Friedrich Becker Prize 2023 showing her pieces in Germany.