Art. 1353

The origin of this Decay series is that I've made a set of big installation art with the same material and technology, it was the exploration and thinking of bursts of emotions and interaction between substances from the perspective of self-consciousness. From the abreaction of negative emotions such as depression and anger in the first extreme, to the transformation into calm and quiet after release in the second extreme, the chemical reaction process of the two extremes are ‘control.’ Yes, just like life, there are many things which cause negative emotions, causing us to destroy and devastate, but that transitive state eventually gives way to peace and quiet. I find this controllable and convergent process to possess a sort of beauty.

Control is a kind of art. In the production of the work, whether forging metal in the hard phrase or tearing the soft material of burning cloth, I immediately inject my emotions: venting on the material, controlling it and handling it. How to release it and then control it? Whether I cut it with a knife, tore it with my hands, burnt it with fire, crushed it with a hammer, or pounded it fiercely, I ultimately returned to quiet and rationality, letting it develop in accordance with my vision and forming its shape in the controllable range of reason. The process of this creation was the direct feedback from the extreme darkness and depressive atmosphere to the final resolve of emotions. The work of the neck decoration that was created by wrapping the shattered ruins of the cloth in the cold metal was closely associated with the body, which seemed heavy and anxious and caused a sense of heaviness and oppression, but in actuality was very light. In the seemingly solemn atmosphere of repression, the wearers are under great pressure, but actually they would feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in it. This stark sense of contrast was exactly what I wanted to convey. Regardless of the devastating emotions or all the pressure and things that would make you afraid, we should face them with bravery and honesty as all the negativity is really never that bad, and they all become as light as a feather with the passage of time.

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