Mishanto Introduces a New Range of Jewellery Featuring Spinels

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Mishanto introduces a new range of jewellery featuring spinels - the amazing gemstones that should be taking the UK by storm.

Mishanto, an exciting jewellery brand known for its exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and design, with a fascinating brand history and unique packaging, has unveiled their initial designs from their new collection featuring magical spinels set in gold by itself or with other gems and natural diamonds. While spinels have been popular in Asia, the USA, and parts of Europe for a while, they are yet to make an impact in the UK market. Mishanto aims to change that with their stunning new range of jewellery that showcases the unique beauty of these precious stones. They are focusing on the wide palette of colours, clarity, and a high level of brilliance.

If you appreciate unique and unusual gemstones, spinels can be an excellent choice. They are perfect for many reasons. They have a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale, close to sapphire and ruby, which makes them durable and ideal for everyday wear. Additionally, they generally have excellent clarity and lustre, so offering an affordable option for customers who want the beauty of fine jewellery without the high price tag.

Spinels are found in many locations around the world, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Tanzania, and Madagascar. Spinels have been associated with various symbolic meanings, including protection, vitality, and creativity.

One of the most famous red spinels is the Black Prince's Ruby, which is actually a large red spinel that is set in the British Imperial State Crown. Others are the Timur Ruby, the Spinel Tiara, The Taj-i-Mah, and the Samad Ruby. The Russian Imperial Crown was made in 1762 for the coronation of Catherine the Great, and features a large, red spinel known as the "Pasha of Egypt".

"We are excited to introduce our new range of jewellery featuring Spinels," says Mishanto's founder Tony Abram. "We believe that Spinels are an excellent alternative to other precious stones. If your customers consider purchasing a spinel, it's important that they buy them from a reputable jeweller who can provide information about the origin and quality of the stone.

April 17 2023