Sigal Shohat Shalit Prestigious jewelry

Sigal Shohat Shalit Prestigious jewelry

Artists & Artisans - Israel

For Sigal Shohat, jewelry is poetry.

She views her jewelry as a practical form of art. Each jewel expresses the emotion of the artist and owner.

Summarily, the beauty and art projected by the creation are meant to move the artist, wearer and observer.
She is well known and has participated in several exhibitions in Israel, and the US she is working with customers and buyers all over the world. Most of her designs are made to order as she loves to create personal unique and outstanding jewelry for her special buyer's requests, dreams, and inspiration.  Her creative work reflects proficiency in jewelry design and manufacture; and an evocative, engaging, tactile, and sensuous poem. It is the first offering of a jewel by  Sigal Shohat in Italy.

Sigal also has a relationship within the diamond and stone trade in Israel. This community endorses her work; they provide her with a range of fancy colored and shaped diamonds and gemstones, which she is driven to incorporate into unique designs, some of which reflect her passion for her home and tradition, while others are more metaphorical.

"Design is a language, a way to communicate with the world, spreading messages and ideas, influencing people's feelings, and reaching out to far places and people". (Sigal)