Art. 964

The quarantine brought her the necessity of rethinking the paths. For her, the connection between all of us is increasingly clear. She thinks we can create new ways to live. The collection "Caminhos" (Ways) was born from these issues. This brooch is part of this collection. She desires to inspire other people with jewelry symbols.The stone chosen for the brooch gives her the feeling of possibilities of choice, as each inclusion goes in different directions. The cutout in the stone support refers to the shape of the heart, like a symbol of feelings. The branch of the jabuticaba tree recalls the abundance due to the enormous amount of fruit it produces. These symbols refer to memory but also the possibility of a prosperous future. 

The process is always handcrafted, making each piece unique from conception to final finish. I even do the felt packaging by hand. This brooch can be used like a pendant.

€  198,00
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