Take Flight pendant earrings

Art. 88

Asymmetrical earrings made of silver, crafted with the lost wax technique and polished as to create a play of matte and shiny surfaces. Is the main piece of Take Flight capsule collection, inspired by the wish of feeling free and light, to soar on butterfly wings in a spring of renewal. These jewels want to convey a sense of flying through the calmness of midair, where everything seems possible, towards the haven of a new life of multiple horizons, like the rays of the sun, tending to infinity. 

Limited edition, only five pieces available, each unique on his way. Two availables in bright silver, one opaque and two in golden bronze.

Size:  long earring 2.5x12.0cm; short earring 3.0x9.00cm (weight and dimensions may vary slightly from one variant/replication to another).

Weight: 33g

Processing time from the arrival of the order: 7 – 10 days.

Packaging by eco-sustainable choice: internal – minimal, made from hand recycled paper and individual anti-contagion, exterior - recycled material.

€  250,00
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