Art. 76

Yao's work is about space, mental space, headspace, and comfortable emotional space. It is a space to focus and allow reflection.  What's the pattern on the piece? There's a path, one from the very beginning. Imagine enjoying memories or entering a building – immerse yourself in your headspace. We are like time travelers. Look at the rhythm, look at the pattern, observe the sense of human scale. It's related to us. Space creates a void where we can develop the aesthetics of our emotions. She loves the words "Unexpected Pleasure." It is a wonderful and beautiful thing to feel the unknown and experience the unpredictable pleasure, which for her is the greatest joy and hope in the small but real happiness of life. Yao said: "I don't know what will happen next, but I will think about it—maybe I will be attracted by the smell of a cup of coffee at the corner of the road and then walk into the store to enjoy it the next time."

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