Piria Castle

Art. 3182

Our passage through this reality is limited, we are all born, we live and at some point we cease to exist. Transcendence is a fact of which we will never know if we will be part of it. Only our actions can define it. In the 19th century, a visionary man lived, capable of materializing his incredible ideas, which included not only his family, but also an entire civilization. Back then, this great man created a city with his name, nowadays, the city of Piriápolis is very famous on the Uruguayan coast. This fact opened up a new range of stories and opportunities for thousands of people. Without a doubt, Don Francisco Piria transcended time. Within so many of his creations, is his castle, in the Renaissance style. A beautiful work of art that I decided to take as a starting point. My goal with this piece is to make it navigate in time. To achieve this, I had to understand that those who give us immortality are those who remember us, so this jewel should reach all those people. These 5 pieces, separately, are pendants. They have an interior geometric design in which 5 beautiful amethysts are presented. Together, they form a mini sculpture representing the Castle of Piria.

€  1.200,00
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