Art. 2989

Type: ring
Weight: 18 g
Material: emerald, silver 925

Coincidence – by definition: lucky luck, the coincidence of several events, often unexpected and without any discernible reason – we used to use this term to describe events that combine into meaningful wholes.
Chance plays a significant role in the creative process of this jewellery line. Variable factors like the shape of the wax model, the temperature of the liquid silver, the barely noticeable tremor of the Artist’s hand, the heat-up factor of the plaster, cause that we never fully know what effect will emerge after breaking the plaster mold. We do not know what we will notice in this object – what kind of shapes, textures, colors, meanings…
While looking for a form, the artist consciously eliminates and chooses. We receive a work that is 100 percent disposable, unique to a much greater extent than the rest of the jewellery we create.

€  300,00
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