Horizontal Flowers Necklace

Art. 2586

The Horizontal Flower Necklace is part of the 2D FLOWERS collection.
It’s an artisanal jewel made of 925 silver and made by hand with care. An artistic perfume necklace inspired by the beauty of nature.

The 2D FLOWERS collection comes from one of my many walks in the hills, in those moments I dedicate to myself to get empty my head.
Immersed in NATURE, on a sunny day in the flowery meadows I stopped to observe what I had around.
A lots of colors and wildflowers caught my attention.
Immediately I imagined those flowers as jewels.... but how to choose which to represent? Choose one of them? Impossible...they are all beautiful!
Back home I started drawing flowers, flat flowers, 2D flowers.
Soon these drawings began to take shape, from paper to wax and finally on metal.
A collection of jewelry inspired by flowers seen in my way, flat, 2D FLOWERS.

€  230,00
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