The Cameo Earring

Art. 2515

The Cameo Earring is handmade in 18k gold plated recycled sterling silver with freshwater baroque pearls. It has a delicate matte finish and a purposeful apparent texture. 

demgo's jewels were designed by imagining how they would look had they been found in an excavation site at the ruins of an ancient city. The imperfect shapes and textures were carved as a way of representing the action of time, which is corrosive, beautiful and also unique. Since each piece is carefully handmade they are subject to slight variations, valuing the singularity within the design.

The recycled silver used in our jewelry originates from different sources such as metal scraps from our production, antique silver objects or even metals contained in photosensitive materials. The metal undergoes a purification process that allows its reuse as a fine silver.

Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.1 cm

Weight (per pair): 15.9 g