Red Coral 01

Art. 2500

Coral reefs are complex marine ecosystems with vitally important functions for our planet: refuge and food for life underwater, protection of coastal areas, income for people and, in addition, one of the most beautiful and spectacular underwater landscapes.These unique places have taken thousands of years to form, but according to the UN, they are in danger of disappearing by the end of the century, as a result of human actions. Extraction for use in jewelry is one of the many causes that threaten its survival.

Coral collection, tributes to this fascinating organism and wants to raise awareness of the importance of its conservation. 

Contrary to what was once believed, coral is not a plant, but a marine organism, made up of tiny little animals called polyps. These individuals associate, forming colonies that have been growing over thousands of years, creating those amazing constructions that are coral reefs. The pieces of Coral collection are created with a similar mechanism, they are crocheted, a technique that creates surfaces from a thread, by making small knots grouped together in solidarity with each other, just like coral polyps. It is a slow and laborious process, based on a repetitive gesture, of the hand and the hook, to create the knot. From the grouping of knots, a continuous and flexible tubular structure emerges, which folds and hooks on itself, drawing a three-dimensional body that reminds us of the whimsical forms of coral. 

The material beauty that coral has brought to jewelry remains, as formal and constructive inspiration, avoiding the negative consequences of its extraction.

This one of a kind necklace is crocheted with red Egyptian cotton and has small inlays made in silver with shapes reminiscent of barnacles. The coiled shapes create a three-dimensional structure with great volume that hugs the neck, resulting in a striking and voluminous piece, but very light, making it very comfortable to wear.