VERTICAL SEEDS earrings in gold, burnished steel and diamonds

Art. 1736

The burnished steel seeds stand out in the simple, harmonious lines of these earrings, their dark colour contrasting with the sparkle of the round and teardrop-shaped diamonds set in the ends of each. Though made of the same materials, the earrings are shaped differently.

The earrings belongs to the ‘seeds’ series. Seeds is a series that pays homage to insights. The seeds are steel spheres trapped inside the body of each piece, burnished to highlight the contrast with the metal that envelops them. The spheres complement their housing while at the same time preserving their identity thanks to their formal purity and finish of the metal that contains them.

What is an insight if not a seed? That's why I feel a particular thrill when an insight manages to identify the right formal balance.


* all pieces are completely handcrafted in Rome, Italy, and none is an exact copy of any other, making each absolutely unique.

€  1.120,00
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