Lantana Diamonds Ring- Rainbow Ring-Colourful Flower Bouquet Diamonds Ring-Sigal

Art. 1716


★★Try to imagine a luxurious piece of art jewel, so incredibly unique and beautiful, that its site will captivate the deepest feelings and desires, a ring that takes your breath away, The name is:  Lantana diamonds ring...

This amazing Lantana multi diamonds ring is inspired by the Lantana flower.

🌷 Lantana is a beautiful flower with small tubular-shaped flowers arranged in clusters in terminal areas stems. The dainty flowers come in many different colors, including red, yellow,  white, pink, purple-blue, red, brown and orange, and green leaves.

 ★★The flower has a tutti frutti smell with a peppery undertone. After pollination occurs, the color of the flowers changes (typically from yellow to orangish, pinkish, or reddish); this is believed to be a signal to pollinators that the pre-change color contains a reward as well as is sexually viable, thus increasing pollination efficiency.

★★The Lantana ring is designed like a Bouquet of colored diamonds arranged in clusters inspired by the flower's biostructure. All the beautiful flower colors are expressed and represented by 10 carats of natural colored diamonds.

A multi diamonds haute couture ring crafted in sophisticated perfection.


★★made of 14k white solid gold. This rich, prestigious one-of-a-kind Lantana ring blooms in rainbow colors awaits exclusively for a one-of-a-kind special lady.

★★The Lantana ring comes with an international gemological institution with an evaluation of the gold and diamonds

★★Metal: 29.5 carats of 14k solid white gold.

★★Ring Size: Selectable: Up to size 19 -Italian, up to size 9 -US

Please select your ring size on checkout

.Please contact me for bigger sizes or to find your size

★★Width: The upper part of the top dome is 6 mm(top), 

30 mm at the bottom.


★The  Lantana  Diamonds Ring is set with 10 carats of mixed colored & white natural diamonds.

★ HVS clarity★

 ★Diamonds Size:2.5-3 mm★

★Shape: round brilliant★ 

★White diamonds:  natural white H color VS clarity diamonds.

★Colorful diamonds: 

red, yellow,  white, pink, purple-blue, red, brown, orange, and green


White, yellow, brown- Natural

★ red, pink, purple-blue, red,  orange, green -Enhanced

€  19.500,00
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