Rainbow Diamond Ring-Coloful Life Diamond Ring  -Colord Diamond Ring-Sigal

Art. 1669

★★What do you feel when you see a rainbow? How many colors do you see?
 Sometimes when the sun is shining and it is rainy somewhere at the same time, you can see a rainbow. It's a huge arch of colors in the sky. It's caused by the light from the sun being broken up by water droplets in the atmosphere. The sun's light is "white", but the water droplets break it up into seven different colors: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET.
How many colors and shades are set in the ring is for you to find out!

★★This Rainbow Diamonds Ring is marvelous!
It's accurate pav'e diamonds setting is outstanding, joyful, and full of life.
Each natural diamond is placed differently with a lot of care to create this play of colors.
Perfect as a present to a colored diamonds lover in celebration of mixed colors.
This Rainbow natural diamonds ring will catch the eye and heart of everyone.

★★The ring comes with a certificate of authenticity from
an international gemological institution with an evaluation of the gold and diamonds.

★★Metal: 14k solid white gold. Available also in 18k solid gold/
Ring Size: Selectable: Up to size 19 -Italian, up to size 9 -US
Please select your ring size on checkout
Please contact me for bigger sizes or to find your own personal size.

★★WIDTH: The upper part is 6 mm(top), 4 mm at the bottom.

The Rainbow Diamonds Ring is set with 2.01 carats of mixed colored & white natural diamonds HVS clarity.
Diamonds Size:1.5mm
Shape: round brilliant 
White diamonds:  natural white H color VS clarity diamonds
Colorful diamonds: 6 colors of diamonds in a mix:
White, blue, green, yellow, red, and black diamonds
Treatment: Enhanced for red, blue. green

★★This ring is one item of the Rainbow set collection and has a matching pendant and earrings.

Make a beautiful set with this matching pendant :

Make a beautiful set with these matching studs earrings:

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