Ring 1

Art. 1559

The center of the ring is a pearl that was collected with the surrounding mother of pearl, before the growth ended. All pieces containing such pearls were designed around this centerpiece and are as unique as the pearls themselves. Depending on the shape there is much to be considered, from design to setting.

On the side of the pearl, in the sheet of blackened sterling silver you can see the beautiful pattern the nunome zogan technique creates. The small chiesel is used to apply numerous strokes, one right next to the other, in 4 directions (horizontal, vertical and two diagonals) until the whole surface is covered. This gives the sensation of fabric texture. Little spikes are created in the metal, which then "catch" the 24k gold foil. No fire is used. This is why it it a finishing technique, to be used only at the very end of the creation, when the piece is done.

The three circles holding the pearl are 18k gold plated.

Find the story of the collection and related pieces in our profile.

Note: Each piece is unique. There are no two pearls of this type that look the same.The gold foil is also applied differently to each piece. Please consider the pictures as a mere example and us for details of available pearls.

This piece may only be custom ordered. Please allow for up to three weeks for the crafting of your piece of jewelry.

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