Orecchini Chronicle

Art. 1121

These earrings, part of the Metamorphosis collection, tell about circular shapes, similar but different, composed in a perfect yet asymmetrical alignment. 
Those asymmetries reveal a precarious but harmonious  balance, thanks to its eight shaped joints, fastened by bolts (coloured enamel into the variants), which are the unique protruding element of this plain, straight, rigorous composition. 
Asymmetries that can also be found into the metal textures finitures (matt satin, "scratched" and polish).

Lost-wax casting, refined and polished by hand. In 925 Silver, triple finishing on the metal.  

Made in Italy

All of our jewelry is made and tailored for you.
This artisanal working method means that each jewel is unique, designed, made and checked by hand, one by one.
The time to create your personalized jewel is therefore about 3 weeks from the moment of the order.

€  200,00
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