Art. 1117

NEW EYES is a "jewel to wear" that embodies a new way of interpreting the jewel: the jewel becomes a prominence from the body, almost an extension of it, but also a state of mind.

A large jewel, which, however, for the materials used and the processing techniques, maintain its precious character; therefore, it is not an accessory, but a real jewel, with a different fit and a different soul.

The theme of the transformation we are experiencing, on a body level, crosses our gaze, intended both in a symbolic than in a concrete way: a new way of looking at the world, at others; but also concretely, as the focal point of our body. Framed by masks and safety devices, the eyes emerge, speak, regain their absolute centrality. So, while, the mouth becomes invisible and mysterious, the eyes become very large, in the foreground and very powerful. The eyes as a mirror of the soul translate emotions and vibrations, express our inner world and feed on what they see and perceive.

In the wake of this important collective metamorphosis, the world of fashion and jewelry are called to do their part, enhancing, and highlighting this new corporeality.

3D design and drawing, lost wax casting, by hand finishing. Made of yellow bronze and enamels. 

Made in Italy

All of our jewelry is made and tailored for you.
This artisanal working method means that each jewel is unique, designed, made and checked by hand, one by one.
The time to create your personalized jewel is therefore about 3 weeks from the moment of the order.

€  350,00
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