Art. 1090


Rains descend from sky to impregnate the earth and facilitate renewal of life, fertility, cultivation of lands, abundance of cattle and food grains, and the journey of streams, rivers and rivulets to join the oceans. Rain is a symbol of renewal, fertility and change.

The emerald is thought to bring renewed life force & success in new ventures. It is also said to help the wearer see things clearly and rationally, encourage meditation and reflection, and bring out the natural wanderer & explorer. It is commonly referred to as the “Traveler’s Protection Stone”.

Brilliant Diamonds have many positive mystical attributes and healing properties. The diamond is associated with activating the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, uniting the mind with the body. While a diamond is regarded as the strongest precious stone, it is also regarded as a stone of exceptional power as it’s able to reach into us and open many spiritual doors. This is perhaps why diamonds represent truth. They also symbolize perfection because of their indestructibility.


The Ring is set in 14 Karat Solid Gold and features various shapes of Emerald stones and brillian diamonds. (pear shape, emerald cut, oval and round Emeralds).


  • Gold Type: Solid 18 Karat Yellow Gold
  • Ring Width: 1,7 mm
  • Gem / Carat : Emeralds 1,05 carat (s) & Brilliants 0,17 carat (s)
  • The ring is an open ring (with a little gap) so it can be adjusted easily on your finger
€  5.590,00
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