Art. 1029

Earrings from the PSYKO RAM GOLD EDITION collection

Lobe earrings with 925 silver stud and butterfly clasp.

Materials: aluminum, 24K gold, 925 silver

The technical qualities of the KLEO GLENS jewelry line are characterized by manual processing, from the tunnel of the aluminum plate to the subsequent processing and finishing, the craftsmanship skills are at the center of the production process. The choice of materials is dictated by the desire to create metal jewelry using ancient goldsmith techniques, for this project aluminum proved to be the best choice. The lightness of the metal allowed me to create a distinctive and unique aspect of my design that is the overlapping of aluminum plates assembled with 925 silver riveted pins.


This Korean gilding technique was created to apply pure 24 carat gold to silver objects. Pressure welding exploits the chemical characteristics of pure gold, at a certain temperature the gold foil begins to pass oxygen atoms through itself, gold passes through oxygen and through pressure produces conditions free of oxygen in contact with the underlying silver (or other metal), creating a perfect and permanent adhesion between the two different metals. I have experimented with this technique on aluminum with excellent results. For accuracy of the result, I personally create the gold foil of a few microns thickness using the manual rolling mill.