The Universe of Ideas is a Primordial Chaos, Design is a Method

Art. 99

This is what I always repeat to myself, before tackling a job and it is a kind of "mantra" that helps me to collect ideas and to clarify my mind. Perhaps in other creative categories the power of the gesture transfers the idea more quickly, with less mediation.

In the world of jewelry, one has to deal with the essence of the human figure in order to adapt metals and gems to it. It is not possible that the opposite happens, the portability of what we create would be compromised. Unless it is designed for a striking event, a few minutes on the catwalk, an "uncomfortable" jewel to wear will inexorably lose its appeal and, perhaps, will be relegated to a showcase, thus ceasing to interpret its function as an ornament for the body.

For this reason, when I imagine a jewel, I always think of who will wear it and I try to visualize its harmony and portability, to make the experience pleasant, like the realization of a dream. Compared to the use of traditional methods, the use of 3D allows me to carefully plan each phase of the realization, observe its components and avoid both gross errors and pathetic naivety.

Of course, I can do this because I have over thirty years of work and artisan experimentation behind me and I know the work of those who, once the metal prototype has been made, will have to assemble and refine it to obtain the final result. At the same time, in twenty years of 3D design, I have had the opportunity to learn its correct use and to know its mathematical logics, making sure that every form that comes out has its own raison d'etre and does not remain a useless florilege. In jewelry, where everything is tiny, the precision of the details is fundamental, mistakes cannot be allowed to pass and then smuggled for "artistic licenses".

Every curve, every surface, every gem must have a precise contextualization in the work done. Otherwise the game makes no sense and loses its value. I don't like the use of those modeling software that, with a few parameters and in four steps, create the object ready to be made. The use of these tools inhibits creativity and, inevitably, gives life to products with serial connotations. I like to use 3D but, yes, I have remained a Craftsman within me, I am a Digital Goldsmith.

Finally, I can say that the knowledge of metals and gems, of their processing, of the physical characteristics, are essential for a good design.

August 3 2021