Rembrandt Charms Introduces Personalization Collection

Art. 589

This exclusive collection features a stunning array of charms that can be personalized for the charm collector.

BUFFALO, NY — Rembrandt Charms announced the launch of its Personalization Collection. This exclusive Collection features a stunning array of charms that can be personalized for the charm collector. Rembrandt’s Custom Engraved Charms, Custom Painted Charms, and Photoart Charms, allow customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture unique stories and cherished memories.

With a legacy spanning over five decades, Rembrandt Charms has been dedicated to crafting exquisite jewelry that celebrates life’s most sentimental moments. The Personalization Collection represents the brand’s commitment to innovation and personal expression, offering customers the opportunity to design jewelry that speaks to the individual style and sentimentality.

Rembrandt’s new state of the art technology allows paint to be applied in high resolution with extraordinary durability to flat charms; this new process has been carried over to improve the quality and durability of Rembrandt’s Photoart Charms as well. New and upgraded laser engraving machines have also been added to Rembrandt’s Buffalo based Headquarters.

“Rembrandt’s Custom Engraved and Custom Painted Charms typically ship in 1-2 days after the proof has been approved. Categories and items that we often see engraved or painted on our charms are, Fingerprints, Logos, Heartbeats, Schools, Sports Teams, Athletes, Pawprints, Footprints, Handprints, Handwriting, Drawings, Landmarks, Clubs, Groups/Organizations, and more. Each piece is meticulously crafted to preserve the beauty and intricacy of the design while adding a personal touch.” states Eric Lux, president, Rembrandt Charms.

“We are thrilled to unveil our Personalization Collection, offering our customers a new level of creativity and individuality in jewelry,” said Audre Johnston, director of customization, Rembrandt Charms. “Our mission has always been to manufacture jewelry that reflects life’s most meaningful moments, and with our new Collection, customers can now create truly personalized pieces that tell unique stories.”

June 7 2024