TASAKI launches new additions to their collection line, ‘Danger’

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apanese jewellery maison, TASAKI, known for its pearl and diamond jewellery, has launched new additions to its Danger collection, a line that has been expanding since it was launched in 2022.

New additions to the line include: Danger Tribe and Danger Claw.

The “danger”, one of the iconic series and a new figure of beauty created by TASAKI’s Creative Director Thakoon Panichgul, features an exquisite contrast between the lustrous pearl with its feminine air and the dangerous sharp thorns.

This jewellery takes its inspiration from the allure of the carnivorous plant and the beauty of plants with their mysterious forms.

The pearls take on a unique quality, with pointed fangs protruding from them to give the edgy style and to represent the danger concealed within their beauty.

The fangs are positioned with precision to express a sense of tension as well as beauty.

The fine form of this jewellery is only made possible by TASAKI’s supreme sense of aesthetics and craftsmanship.

TASAKI is exploring new ways to create edgy and modern pearl jewellery and to move it away from its traditional image. In this case, adding spikes and fangs.

In total there will be eight new pieces added to the ‘Danger’ collection.

February 12 2024