Roll up, Roll up…. Wong’s Jewellers Unveils Spectacular "Ringmasters" Christmas Campaign

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Wongs Jewellers, based in Liverpool, has proudly announced the launch of their highly anticipated Christmas campaign, "The Ringmasters." This captivating and unique circus-themed campaign is set to dazzle and delight customers during this Christmas season.

Inspired by the enchantment of the circus, "The Ringmasters" promises a magical experience like no other. This festive extravaganza will transport visitors into a world of wonder, combining the magic of the circus with the timeless allure of fine jewellery.

Step into the Wongs Jewellers store, and you'll be welcomed by the enchanting ambience of the circus, complete with captivating circus-themed decorations, interactive activities, and surprises at every corner, from a whimsical window display to wonderful in-store graphics and features.

Cynthia Cartwright, Commercial Director, says,

"We believe the 'Ringmasters' campaign will create lasting memories and provide a touch of magic to our customers' Christmas celebrations. This display is my favourite to date - keep your eyes peeled for some exciting Christmas events and surprises in store this year!"

Wongs Jewellers, founded in 1979 by Brian and Susan Wong, has always been at the heart of the Liverpool Community.

Managing Director Peter Wong adds,

"As a business, it’s important we provide the best experience for our customers and our wider community. The Ringmasters campaign brings a fun and festive vision to our business for everyone to enjoy."

November 17 2023