Gecko Jewellery Launch Reflections Range

Art. 507

An everyday collection of delicate styles featuring laboratory-grown diamonds. Sustainably created and ethically sourced, the collection is a beautiful introduction to your laboratory-grown diamond journey.

Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Sustainably created without the environmental and human toll of mining. Laboratory-grown diamonds share the exact same fire and brilliance as mined diamonds, both chemically and physically. Laboratory-grown diamonds are produced in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that emulate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop. IGI reports are issued with all laboratory-grown diamonds 0.50ct and above.

Chain of Custody 

Vertically integrated RJC supply chain and long-term working relationships with expert diamond cutters allow us to follow our laboratory-grown diamonds from the moment it’s created to the moment it’s received. All our Laboratory-grown diamonds are stamped with our LGD mark for transparency.

Carbon Footprint 

We believe business can create a most sustainable world. It is our social responsibility to ensure our products are produced in a controlled environment. We only source laboratory-grown diamonds from suppliers that are committed to reducing carbon footprints.

Recycled Gold

100% recycled 9ct gold to minimise our footprint and help diminish the negative impacts of metal mining. Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degrading their integrity, which means we don’t compromise quality or beauty to make sustainable jewellery.

Ethical packaging 

This collection will be using biodegradable cardboard and RPET suede inserts, saving landfill and reducing our environmental footprint.

Affordable luxury 

The 4c’s: Laboratory-grown diamonds offer excellent value. Asscher, Brilliant and Pear stones Cut to transmit light and sparkle intensely. Laboratory-grown diamonds can be 30-40% cheaper, the higher the laboratory-grown diamond weight in Carat, the better the cost saving. The collection uses Colour grade F-G, which is colourless or near colourless. All our laboratory-grown diamonds within the collection are SI1 or above. Their Clarity has no visible inclusions to the naked eye.

Forever not Throwaway 

We want our jewellery to be loved and cherished forever. Made in recycled precious metals and sustainably laboratory-grown diamonds means they can be passed down for generations.

Key Styles 

1ct Octagon pendant 

Matching octagon hoop earrings total weight 0.50ct

Asscher Cut Solitaire pendant 0.50ct

Matching Asscher Cut Solitaire earrings total weight 1ct

November 8 2023