Strong & Precious Art Foundation: Ukrainian jewelry designers at GemGenève

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Strong & Precious art foundation will be making its third appearance at GemGenève this year, presenting yet another meticulously curated project that is set to astound and captivate its audience.

Entitled “How Precious UA”, the project shines a light on the rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture as a whole, showcasing and vividly depicting its rapid cultural development since time immemorial.

A series of video materials on the exhibition will elevate the presentation of specifically handcrafted jewelry pieces, channeling the deep-rooted and treasured cultural identity of Ukraine.

The presentation will showcase beloved and well-known national symbols such as wheat, sunflowers, storks and many more, painting a vivid picture of Ukraine’s rich cultural history.

 Ukrainian culture has a rich history and strong appreciation for its cultural heritage, which it passes down through memory and significant artifacts. Strong & Precious aims to showcase this authenticity and reinvention over time, seamlessly integrating into the contemporary era,’ — share the founders Olga and Natasha. 

‘Through centuries, people have carried pieces of their identity through powerful symbols in pottery, folk clothing, music, and jewelry. The jewelry presented at the exhibition represents a fusion of the past and present, creating a path towards the future by using strong national symbols and the spirit of our culture. Most pieces are made with topaz from the Ukrainian Volyn deposit, renowned for its unique color, which adds to the authenticity of our designs.’

At this year’s exhibition, the Strong & Precious art foundation will present six breathtaking pieces that epitomize the intersection of traditional Ukrainian culture and contemporary design. This masterful fusion of past and present is a true testament to the foundation’s unwavering commitment to showcasing the timeless beauty of Ukraine’s cultural heritage.

A selection of both big and small brands in Ukrainian industry will be showcased at the event, including Nomis Jewelry,  Inesa Kovalova, Drutis Jewelry, Gunia Project and Juval Studios.

May 15 2023