Joey King is Pomellato's New Brand Ambassador

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Pomellato is thrilled to announce Joey King, the American actress and producer, as the new ambassador and face of the brand. Adding the voice of her generation to the esteemed Pomellato for Women community, King embodies the strength, courage, and independence of the Pomellato spirit.

At just 23 years old, the prolific multihyphenate talent has already broken glass-ceilings and social precedents, all while gracefully redefining the art of life in the limelight and staying true to her core beliefs.

A proud bearer of Pomellato values, King shed light on the concept of freedom with the hope to ignite change in the Pomellato for Women video campaign this year.

During a photo session captured by Luca and Alessandro Morelli, Italian brothers based between Milan and Los Angeles, King was joyful in her own selections of the distinctive Nudo and Iconica jewels. King said, “I am so happy to be the new face of Pomellato, a brand that is known for supporting women, equality, and eco-consciousness. With handcrafted jewels by Italian artisans, they are not only exquisite, but steeped with meaning.”

April 28 2023