House of DoDo: the new campaign

Art. 406

The brand opens the doors of its new creative home to celebrate sharing, self-expression and authenticity. Choosing an amulet is a timeless rite, putting it on can transform into a unique moment that opens currently unknown universes. Like a special place where one feels in harmony.

DoDo invites the public to enter its House of DoDo, a home of emotions where one can express their own individuality with security and light-heartedness. Where joy means sharing.

The protagonists are Alice Campello, an influencer with more than 3 million followers and new mother, a successful businesswoman in the fashion and beauty world.
Giacomo Giorgio, actor who, after his debut in the Rupert Everett film 'The Happy Prince' alongside Colin Firth, followed by tv series 'I bastardi di Pizzofalcone 2' by Alessandro D'Alatri, is now one of the stars of 'Mare Fuori' on Netflix and is on the set of the series 'Blood on the altar - the Claps case', a new RAI series in collaboration with HBO.
Mikaela Neaze, versatile and cosmopolitan dancer, is protagonist of programmes like 'Dance Dance Dance' and 'Zelig', 'Tiki Taka - La Repubblica del Pallone on Italia 1, and soon in cinemas in the film 'Roma Blues' by Gianluca Manzetti.
Alice Maselli, actress and model. Following her cinematic debut in the film 'Come un gatto in tangenziale' by Ricardo Milani, and then in 'Promises' along with Pierfrancesco Favino and Jean Reno, she is currently one of the promising young actresses of Italian cinema.

Faithful to its founding philosophy of inclusivity and sharing, the brand continues its path under the banner of celebration of individuality in all its forms: the DoDo universe is transformed into an open residence for creativity; where the expression of self knows no limits. Everyone is invited, nobody is excluded!

March 17 2023