Ananya Fine Jewellery unveils the Chakra Icon collection

Art. 402

Central Saint Martins-trained Ananya Malhotra created her eponymous fine jewellery brand in 2018. A reflection of her Indian heritage combined with British jewellery expertise, Ananya introduces the Chakra Icon collection.

The Chakra bracelet’s signature design codes are newly celebrated in a symphony of 18-karat white, rose and yellow gold, offering enduring allure and universal appeal. Handcrafted in London, each piece draws upon decades of savoir-faire while its gemstones reflect Ananya’s personal heritage; each crystal quartz cabochon is hand-cut in Ananya’s workshops in India.

Adorned with over one carat of snow-set diamonds, the Chakra Icon collection’s cool and clear colour palette allows the innate beauty of each precious metal to gleam a little differently. The collection can be worn as a perfect trinity of mixed metals or appears equally striking when stacked with other iconic designs in a single golden hue.

It was the designer’s love of myriad gemstones and desire to understand the deep meaning behind crystals and their effect on body and mind that first brought the Chakra collection into being, and the Chakra Icon collection builds upon this holistic ethos. Having been told that her root chakra was blocked and that wearing ruby beads could cure this, Ananya attended gemstone healing classes and set about designing a collection that could harness their mystical qualities by always keeping them close.

For the Chakra Icon collection, Ananya has adopted this ethos once more, selecting crystal quartz for its association with the highest crown chakra, which enables us to fully connect with our spirituality. Believed to boost the flow of energy in multiple directions at once and therefore release any blockages, crystal quartz also supports our ability to concentrate our metaphysical force. This potency allows the Chakra Icon bracelet to serve as a harmonising pillar for those seeking the healing power of gemstones, while still offering the refined versatility that is synonymous with Ananya fine jewellery.

March 13 2023