Gem-A spotlights Demantoid, Spinel and Corundum in latest edition of The Journal of Gemmology

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Respected scientific resource for Gem-A Members is now available in print and online to facilitate continued professional development for gemmology community.

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) has launched the latest issue of its academic publication, The Journal of Gemmology (Volume 38, No. 4).

Released in December 2022, this latest issue contains news and research from the international gemmological community, including a cover article that provides a mineralogical and gemmological overview of demantoid from Kerman Province, south-east Iran. The authors of the article, Drs Vahid Ahadnejad, Michael S. Krzemnicki, and Ann Marie Hirt, suggest that due to relatively high concentrations of the trace elements Cr, Ge, Ni and Co in Iranian demantoid, it can be separated from demantoid of other localities based on available chemical data.

Additional feature articles include a focus on the spectroscopic characteristics and causes of colour modification in heat-treated pink-to-red spinel from Luc Yen, Vietnam; a study of the ‘Star of David’ pattern and presence of macrosteps on ruby and sapphire crystals from Aappaluttoq, Greenland; and an analysis of a new blue gem material known as fluorcarletonite. The latter article describes aggregates of this rare phyllosilicate mineral that occurs together with charoite in the Malyy Murun massif in Siberia, Russia.

Editor-in-chief Brendan Laurs FGA says: “Continued professional development and learning is of paramount importance for gemmologists, whether they are starting their careers or have many decades of experience. This latest edition of The Journal of Gemmology includes feature articles that span detailed chemical analysis of gems, treatment methods, unusual crystalline structures, and the characterisation of new materials that can be creatively incorporated into jewellery and ornamental items. I hope Gem-A Members draw inspiration from this edition as we step into 2023.”

In addition to feature articles, each issue of The Journal of Gemmology contains a Gem Notes section, providing brief reports on diverse items of gemmological interest from around the world. In this issue, readers will find an update on emerald mining at Campos Verdes in Goiás, Brazil; take a closer look at interesting inclusions in purple spinel from Tanzania, and learn about the appearance of black sapphire melee as a black diamond imitation, among other reports.

The What’s New column highlights recent publications and online resources useful for gemmologists, while the Learning Opportunities section contains detailed listings of upcoming conferences and educational events to further the professional development of its readers. Finally, the New Media section reviews new books and the Literature of Interest section lists recently published articles from sources worldwide that gemmologists can use to develop their knowledge further.

A leader in its field, The Journal publishes original research articles on all aspects of gemmology, including natural stones and their treatments, synthetics, and simulated gem materials. It is published quarterly in collaboration with the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF and with support from American Gemological Laboratories (AGL).

Gem-A CEO Alan Hart FGA adds: “The Journal of Gemmology is testament to the remarkable research and discovery that’s taking place across the world. This quarterly publication is a much-anticipated resource for our Members, and we will continue to focus on publishing interesting and high-quality research as we move through 2023.”

Issues published in the past two years are accessible to Gem-A members both nationally and internationally. Previous issues are freely available to anyone via the Journal’s online archive. A cumulative index covering all issues from 1947 to 2022, as well as bibliographies of Journal articles covering specific subjects, can also be freely downloaded from the Gem-A website.

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January 20 2023