Ellius debuts for the first time at Milan Jewelry Week

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From 20 to 23 October 2022 Ellius will be present at the Milano Jewelry Week, at the collective exhibition Artistar Jewels.

Milano, 22/09/2022 – Launched in 2018 by Fadi Raslan, a cosmopolitan designer and entrepreneur passionate about history in all its forms and a lover of quality artisan jewelry, the Ellius brand is one of the protagonists of the collective exhibition Artistar Jewels, which will take place in the suggestive location Palazzo Bovara in Milan.

Drawing inspiration from the different architectures of the most fascinating cities in the world and from the most significant historical periods that characterize them, the brand's goal is to tell the story of humanity, between past and future, considering the jewel as a link between different cultures. This enhances the universal value of understanding and equality.

Fadi Raslan's jewelry brand becomes a journey into the history, art and beauty that surround us. The various collections of the brand are the spokespersons of a real story, revealed through the creation of silver jewels, all entirely handmade.

Cupole, the name of the collection that consecrated the brand, is characterized by craftsmanship and attention to individual details, showcasing the goldsmith skills in every single piece.

One of the most fascinating symbols of our cities, the absolute protagonists of this collection are the most beautiful domes in the world: Brunelleschi's dome, the dome of St. Peter's in Rome, the mosque of the Rock of Jerusalem: each jewel is a story, which goes beyond from religions, but focuses on art, symbols, on the wonders that man - over the centuries - has managed to achieve.

Inside Palazzo Bovara, visitors will closely observe two of the creations of this collection: Brunelleschi's dome ring and the Santa Maria della Sanità di Napoli necklace.

The latter, a small hand-crafted work of art, recalls the splendor of the eighteenth-century yellow and green tiles that characterize the dome of the Neapolitan basilica. The pendant, to be worn every day, shines thanks to the use of colored stones.

On the other hand, Brunelleschi's dome ring is a detailed reproduction of the Florence Cathedral. Majestic, elegant and original, this ring, made of 925 silver, allows the wearer to recall the beauty of the Renaissance period.

Another distinctive element of the basilicas, the rose window, with its history and symbolism, is the inspiration for the new Rosoni collection which includes the third iconic jewel on display at the Milano Jewelry Week.

The pendant, rich in details, meticulously reproduces the elegant play of bay leaves and berries that distinguish the rose window of the Santa Croce basilica in Lecce.

Finally, on a journey to the past, to be precise in the Greek period, the silver necklace Cupid and Psyche, portrays the wonderful sculpture admired by the whole world.

Unmistakable style and unique personality are the keywords that hide behind Ellius creations and that fully identify the wearer. Each jewel of the brand is the metaphor of a journey that traces history through art and beauty, reviving the testimony of the Made in Italy and the continuous creativity of skilled goldsmiths.



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