Louis Vuitton Spirit

Art. 320

Revealed in a five themed multi-dimensional journey, the very essence of Louis Vuitton’s spirit is captured in the boldness, novelty, and singular intensity of the fourth High Jewelry Collection designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof.


With a magical appeal, Liberty calls forth the magnifying power of Louis Vuitton’s genius in the intricate purity of its design and the remarkable stones that illuminate the Maison’s passion for adventure and travel, inviting the Louis Vuitton woman to venture further than she’s ever been.

Reinterpreting the Maison’s iconic codes, the necklace features the Monogram flower, trunk details, the letter V and the Damier pattern showcased in a magnificent display of custom-cut diamonds.
An armor-like necklace, the incredibly regal star piece features a secret message hidden within it: “Liberty is the freedom to explore, to discover the world, to express innate power.”

Expanding the realm of possibilities with the power of its perfection, a flawless 18.09 carat emerald cut sapphire glows with the intensity of its deep royal blue color. In a sculptural dialogue, an assortment of emeralds, including an 8.9 carat emerald, exhibit the same saturation and exceptional quality.


Inspired by the phoenix, the transformative power of the journey finds its wings in the realm of the imagination. The necklace and the exquisite designs that form this set find the perfect balance between strength and grace, celebrating the Louis Vuitton woman’s magical ability to soar to new heights.

Forming a double V, baguette-cut diamonds line the lattice work and sit on a woman’s neckline with Grace and the levity of a bird. A second torque of brilliant-cut diamonds rise around the neckline in a play of elevated patterns and perfect symmetry.

Exquisitely set and designed to dovetail into the LV Monogram Star Cut diamond, the interplay of volumes finds its singular expression in a detachable and extremely rare 65.26 carat green tsavorite, whose exceptional refraction illuminates the sinuous beauty of the Phoenix.


True to the Maison’s pioneering Spirit, Fantasy represents the sense of adventure that spurred one man’s creative genius. Galvanized by the arrow’s mythic appeal, the circular movement has a hypnotic quality that reveals a new and empowered identity.

Set in white and yellow gold, layers of variously sized chevron patterns and arrow-like V shapes animate the visual complexity of this geometric marvel.

The magnificent companion rings include a remarkable 8.73 carat diamond. With two LV Monogram Star Cut Diamond strategically positioned on each side of the piece, the Maison’s codes endow the Louis Vuitton woman with unprecedented powers.


Generated by the visionary force that defines the Maison’s creativity, Radiance’s remarkable execution is combined with renewed vitality, inviting the Louis Vuitton woman to wear the markings of the Dragon, in a coat of armor that will protect and embolden her journey.

Displaying the Maison’s fine craftsmanship, mirrored and polished scales play into the geometry with an equally strong and supple appeal. Fortifying the design, a 10.99 carat orange spessartite garnet of exceptional purity and color radiates at the center, cradled in a Diamond set V, evoking the founder’s initial.


A strikingly architectural jewelry set, the power of Louis Vuitton’s legacy is magnified, revealing the fullness of its spirit through a pattern of triangular shapes and the ever-present letter V.

In an exquisitely intricate geometric pattern, Destiny’s ultra-graphic necklace construction plays on solids and voids, teaming with diamond-encrusted triangles with LV Monogram Star and Flower-cut diamonds.

Central to the necklace’s remarkable beauty, an extremely rare 10.28 carat Ruby from Mozambique has a superior reflective quality that enhances its luminosity and perfect red color, giving it a life of its own.


"The Louis Vuitton Spirit collection brings together concepts held dear by the Maison. Not only liberty, strength, and the notion of infinity, but also the ideas of destiny and of soaring to new heights." Francesca Amfitheatrof

August 1 2022