Swarosvski amazes in Shanghai

Art. 237

Joy, innovation and wonderland are the three main qualities of Wonderlab by Swarosvsky . The first opened in Zurich last month and now you will find a 600-square- Wonderlab store of Swarovski in Shanghai's downtown district.

It is not only a flagship, it is like a trip. The aim of  the Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert was to create an amazing and immersive experience for the consumer. Inside Wonderlab you can find magic rooms like a silver room called “The Lab”, a metallic pink “Wonder Room” that has a staircase that leads to the “Dream Room,” which looks like a futuristic bedroom.

Every centimeter of the store, from the colors to the essential lines, has been designed to represent both the Swarovski world and China's culture.

The next opening will be Milan, Paris, London and Lisbon. The company aims to  open 230 such stores by the end of 2022. The history behind the Austrian maison is ancient and magical but now we can say that it is very avant-garde and full of new aims too. At first place for Swarosvski there is always "quality". 

The CEO Michele Moon describes this new adventure of Wonderlab in this way: “Throughout the journey of our transformation, we have been working towards a moment like this – the moment where guests can not only explore Swarovski products, but immerse themselves in our point of view, our personality, and the experience of intimately understanding the sense of joy and innovation from which each item is created.” 

What will the next move be? We can't wait to know.

January 21 2022