Laura Biason - The New Director of Club degli Orafi-Italia

Art. 236

Club degli Orafi-Italia is an independent association that brings together the most important companies of the Italian goldsmith industry. The new director is Laura Biason, engineer, graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin, expert in business organization. She has supported many different Italian companies for more or less thirty years. She has directed Givam, Vitrum (an international fair for the glass sector), and Historie Onlus, a foundation operating in the social sector.

She is always focus (and passionate) on consulting on the issues of innovation and communication, change management and business organization. 

Regarding her new position as director of Club degli Orafi, she comments "I am honored to have been called to head the Club degli Orafi, an association that expresses the Italian excellence of the goldsmith industry in all its forms. I will put my skills at the service of this extraordinary sector by continuing the path already well traveled and supporting the associates in their challenges. Culture, communication, internationalization, promotion of the uniqueness of the Italian style, growth in visibility and business are just some of the lines on which we are already implementing the recommendations of the Summit. The Club is a unique catalyst of opportunities and we will work to maximize the value of membership and participation. "

People call her "creator of relationship"; she is very keeon on communication and to train people and industries to become better comunicators. Indeed if you are curious about her method, you can enjoy a course curated by herself on her website.

I would like to partecipate immediately, and you?

January 17 2022