The first HUESERS issue

Art. 217

Did we really need a new Luxury magazine? There is already plenty of magazines about jewelry, art, design, fashion, food and wine, tourism, architecture… That’s very true. But there wasn't anyone that “closed the circle”, connecting all these worlds transversally and investigating them in depth according to a non-ephemeral logic and making each field's hues stand out. This is HUESERS value proposition and how it was created. An Italian-style magazine with an international flair, entirely in English, characterized by an innovative concept, style and way of communicating. The key theme is jewelry, in all its forms – high-end, branded, fashion and designer jewelry - constantly interacting with every related area of the luxury world.

A publishing project by Prodes Italia, a company that has been working for years in the areas of jewelry, wine, art, and design by organizing specialized and high-profile events. The magazine has been created by an independent editorial team made of top-level experts in luxury fields and directed by Domenico Festa. Published quarterly, it focuses on special issues, moreover, it will often be characterized by inserts with the aim of arousing curiosity in the reader, putting in the spotlight little-explored production niches and investigating the very concept of excellence. According to HUESERS team, this will be the real key to keeping updated with the present and anticipating the future.

HUESERS is distributed in more than 100 countries around the world in more than 45,000 copies. It is collected by prestigious contacts carefully selected by Prodes Italia in more than 10 years of activity. The Magazine is addressed to a first level target, among them: Retailer & Buyers, Luxury & Private Club, Jewels & Luxury Fairs, VIP Lounge, Hotels & Resorts, Executive & Managers.

These are the main focuses of the first HUESERS issue released on December 2021:

HERITAGE - Schiapparelli

ARTISTY - Nicolas Estrada

STORIES - A new perspective - As if by magic - A secret of my own

DESIGN - Gufram - Elena Salmistraro

INFLUENCER - Preeta Agarwal

GREEN - Maraismara

COMMITMENT - Gem Explorer

ONLINE - Auction Houses

‚ÄčIn addition to the print edition, the Magazine is also available in a digital version. (SEE THE PREVIEW ONLINE).

HUESERS is the Magazine that embraces and enhances every single hue of the colourful luxury world, narrating the most exclusive current events and anticipating trends from all over the world.

December 8 2021