Dangleterre -Where Jewels Evoke a Sense of Wonderment

Art. 199

Proportion, Volume, Shape, Colour… the jewels at Dangleterre exhibit a sublime synchronicity of these four elemental foundations of great jewellery. The first thing that strikes you about a Dangleterre jewel is the generous articulation of colour which of course is refined by an intuitive expression of form. You are beguiled and rightly so. The gems speak a bold language, the goldsmithing is precise and the jewellery design is a without a smidge of clichés. Opulently remarkable fine jewellery just got a new name.

Dangleterre was established in Paris in 2019 and it these past two years it has emerged as a brand that is synonymous with sophisticated, timeless yet very distinctive fine jewellery. Ségolène Dangleterre , founder of this jewellery brand describes her jewels as “fresh and full of wonder” and its hard not to concur.

The brilliant creativity and imagination that goes into each jewel makes the brand’s pieces not only stand-out but be instantly recognizable. For a young jewellery brand, this is a colossal achievement and all credit goes to Ségolène for her commitment to exquisite design and jewellery crafting. With the recent launch of their second jewellery collection, Dangleterre is fast becoming the contemporary jewellery brand to look out for.

At Dangleterre, jewellery is more than just adornment. It takes on a sculptural quality and is crafted with architectural accuracy. Ségolène proficiently mixes gems and colours to produce jewellery that is eye-catching as well as unique and invites the onlooker to examine it more deeply. Lustrous faceted precious stones are set bedside vividly hued cabochon hardstones, creating delicious contrasts of textures, finishes and tones.

Many of these hardstones are calibré-cut inhouse by Ségolène herself, so that they can be perfectly showcased in her jewellery pieces. What Ségolène wants is to give jewellery lovers a chance to be “moved by the beauty of a stone without being conscious of the value of the stone.” It is this very dichotomy that gives wings to the boundless imagination with which Dangleterre’s jewels are designed.

All the jewels start their journey as wax carvings, which are prepared by Ségolène herself. Then they are cast in recycled 18k gold. However, the manner in which the 18k gold is fashioned into jewellery pieces is enough to leave one speechless. In some pieces there is playful fluidity, where the gold moves while the gems are held in place. In others, it’s the gems that exhibit a lively exuberance while the gold solidly holds its form. In both cases, it is fascinating to see the play of light against the jewels, reflecting off of the gems but also off of the curves and edges of the gold.

For the brand’s latest jewellery collection, Ségolène has crafted an eclectic set of rings and necklaces that have a bright intensity to them. Sparkling colours, well defined, sleek silhouettes and the joyful surprise of the unique, are what define this new collection. True to the brand’s style DNA, the collection offers fabulous colour combinations but takes us further into the exploration of fine jewels as a declaration of the wearer’s personality and mood.

Crafting bold, statement fine jewellery pieces is not by any means an easy art. It is a tight-rope walk where volume and colour should always stay on the side of fine taste and meticulous craftsmanship. At Dangleterre, this art seems to have been mastered with breathtaking ease. Dangleterre creates statement pieces that beckon… and lovers of contemporary fine jewellery find they cannot resist this call.

Dangleterre will now be available at Printemps Joaillerie in Paris.

November 12 2021