Le Sibille: the synergy of women in the art of Roman micro-mosaic

Art. 174

The first edition of Roma Jewelry Week, held from 11 to 17 October in the heart of Rome, ended a few days ago.

Thanks to this event that I had the honour and pleasure of visiting one of the best known workshops in the Roman jewellery sector: Le Sibille.

I was welcomed into their small and precious world, where tradition and modernity come together.Thanks to Camilla, one of the founders and export manager of Le Sibille, I was immersed in her stories.

Le Sibille was founded in 1990 with the aim of recreating the essence of the Renaissance workshop.An all-female goldsmith company, made up of three extraordinary women: Antonella, Camilla and Francesca who, from different educational and professional backgrounds, have joined forces and creativity, succeeded in creating their own brand in the sector of high jewellery goldsmiths, known at an
international level.

With a design that is modern and classic at the same time, they create exclusive jewelry combining attention to detail and the charm of a handmade and unique item.

Touching the tiny glass paste tesserae, I felt the creativity of their collections.
 Real masterpieces of technique and colour: rings, necklaces and earrings inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones are one of the atelier's main protagonists.

Le Sibille is synonymous with excellence and their brand is constantly on the rise and they are concentrating on resources on expanding into international markets such as Russia, Japan and Northern Europe.

In a world in which everything is mass-produced and robotised, rediscovering the ancient art of the Roman micro
mosaic in an all-female setting should be a source of inspiration for all of us who love the world of jewellery.

The real luxury for Le Sibille is to make the client feel in tune with their creations, which become the symbol with which they present themselves to the world.

October 20 2021