Mademoiselle Coline: the Seamless Collection

Art. 168

In a parallelism between eras, a formal simplicity is sought and claimed, once again, through timeless pieces with clean and refined cuts. Creating, with its combination, a sophisticated game of symmetry and asymmetry without limits.

Seamless is the new collection of Mademoiselle Coline inspired by the essence of Art Deco, the line. Our protagonist is a pure, fine, elegant and delicate line that runs freely, creating endless geometric shapes.

The collection has been handcrafted using the wax casting technique, hand-carving each of the perfect and delicate geometric shapes. This technique, lost-wax casting, used in ancient times, continues to be used in contemporary handcrafted jewelry

. The collection is made up of 4 geometric shapes from which the various pieces are developed. The main protagonists are the pendants, forming a collection of 4 different models to choose from, likewise, 4 different lengths to be personalized. There are also 4 different models of earrings and two of rings.

It is a collection that is created in Gold plated 24k Eco-Friendly Recycled Silver from European Union.

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October 20 2021