PDPAOLA, the new fine jewelry collection

Art. 160

Explore the new fine jewelry collection by PDPAOLA: handcrafted designs from recycled 18k gold and mining-free diamonds that redefine the jewelry essentials.

Redefining lifelong essentials, the  new fine jewelry pieces are based on an understated glamour to accompany through every joy of life. Traditionally handcrafted and introducing the latest technology, 100% recycled 18k solid gold and mining-free lab-grown diamonds have the leading role: high-end materials that allow us to reduce our environmental impact.

In the collection, the exclusive edition of their letter necklaces says names out loud: an encapsulated poem of the inner essence made with the most precious materials, the eternal floating amulet for all the days ahead. With these designs, they reimagine what it means to be a woman today while they reinforce the aspiration to become more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

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October 15 2021