PICCHIOTTI Unveils their Latest Fine Jewellery Collection - X²

Art. 148

Valenza-based jewellery house, PICCHIOTTI recently delighted its legions of patrons as well as jewellery lovers everywhere, with the launch of its fine jewellery capsule collection, X², a new offering from their Xpandable™ collection.

The Xpandable™ collection, when it first debuted five years ago, revolutionized fine jewellery through the introduction of a very innovative yet intuitive concept-if rings and bracelets had a little give, such that they could expand when being worn but then come back to their original shape and measurement, the problem of ease of wear would be a thing of the past. Conceived along the same lines, but taking it one step further, the X² capsule collection is a marvel of jewellery design and precise craftsmanship, giving luxury and comfort a new definition.

The X² collection features rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Set in gold and adorned with brilliant diamonds, the pieces speak volumes for the very refined design aesthetic of the Maison.

Some pieces, however, are embellished with luminous mother-of-pearl as well. What's is particularly lovely about these pieces is the manner in which light reflects off of their surface. The iridescence of nacre contrasts superbly with the brilliance of pave-set diamonds, creating an optical effect that is at once both shimmering and sparkling.

X² sets itself apart from its predecessor, the original Xpandable™ collection, in that it incorporates a brilliant sliding mechanism, set directly under the central design element of the rings and bracelets. The sliding mechanism is made using a binary track system, with pipes flowing through the track that enable a smooth sliding func­tion for enlarging and contracting.

The crafting of this sliding mechanism is a testament to the bold ingenuity of the Maison and the expertise and infinite skill of the Italian jewellery artisans working at their atelier. Particularly impressive here is the seamless marriage of modern technology with exceptional jewellery design and craftsmanship.

This very clever expandable function in the Xpandable™ and X² jewellery pieces serves two functions. First it makes it easy for the wearer to slide these pieces onto and off any finger or wrist. Second, it mostly does away with the worry or need for a clasp or ring-sizing.

While the original Xpandable™ collection has been delighting jewellery aficionados everywhere since its launch in 2016, X² with its ground breaking binary track mechanism, promises to take this concept to new heights.

September 27 2021