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Muriel Piaser is an international artistic consultant, expert in fashion, public relations and international brands development strategies. She is known for her major actions as Exhibitions Director of the famous trade show «Prêt-à-porter Paris» in France but also in New-York and Tokyo. For more than 15 years, she has been providing advices and ideas to companies working on emerging markets, to designers or to famous international brands. Launched in 2011, Muriel Piaser Consulting is a BtoB structure which purpose is to offer Muriel Piaser’s services to the greatest actors of the fashion industry.

Woman of convictions and of passions, Muriel Piaser developed her own and very specific vision. Expert in communication and in lobbying actions, she definitly knows how to find new trends and new talents, what makes her a reference in this constantly evolving market. 

I had the pleasure of talking to her and to have her latest project told, The Precious Room - by Muriel Piaser

What is exactly The Precious Room - by Muriel Piaser and how do you describe it?

MURIEL PIASER: After 15 years spent in fashion and accessories fairs in Paris but also in NY and Tokyo, in 2006 I launched THE BOX show in Paris dedicated to jewelry and fashion accessories. I revealed talents there which are now benchmarks for big names of international renown. I had foreseen the arrival of Haute Fantasy and Fine Jewelry bringing real complement and added value in distribution, especially in multi-brands promoting the lifestyle, concept store. Beyond the fact that I am passionate about jewelry, I see that the jewelry market is very dynamic and has a future because it carries identity and strong values. It was therefore obvious for me to launch Precious Room in January 2019 after an in-depth analysis of the market and the needs of end consumers, which tends towards a "democratization of fine jewelry in the fashion industry".

Precious Room by Muriel PIASER is "The meeting place forHigh Fantasy & Fine Jewelry Designers" is a new concept as the most exclusive and intimate meeting point for the high fantasy and fine jewelry market during the Couture Week in Paris. A real opportunity to present a specially designed collection to industry experts and members of the fashion community ..

How did you come to create it? Which path did you take?

MP: Precious Room is a new unique concept, focused on the vision of a "Trunk Show" breaking the traditional codes of showrooms and trade fairs, bringing a subtle and committed business, promotion and marketing vision to an exceptional place that is the "Palais Vivienne" ". I launched it voluntarily during the Paris Haute Couture period to benefit from the luxury and international image of Paris, the capital of fashion, but above all it corresponds to the purchasing periods of the pre-collections during which 70% of the budgets are booked by buyers. . It therefore appears as a promotion and launch showcase for brands that want to make themselves known and a preview for established brands that want to anticipate orders.

The pandemic emergency has changed our habits and forced us to review our way of also buying. How did you react to these changes and how did they affect your work?

MP: Faced with the pandemic, I had to reinvent myself to compensate for the lack of travel and mobility, so I made a partnership with, BTB virtual showroom referent, created a dedicated page via a dedicated PRECIOUS ROOM showroom by Muriel PIASER where each brand has its own marketplace giving access to French and international buyers to make their purchases online.

What are the future projects for The Precious Room - by Muriel Piaser?

MP: Yes indeed, my ambition is to make "Precious Room" travel internationally to internationally renowned concept stores or salons by offering it in the form of a "Trunk Show" or "Showcase". The concept can be applied beyond the physical event via the site

It is also a digital edition that comes in the year to support the bi-annual physical edition of Precious Room by Muriel PIASER.

In the future, I am therefore looking at “PHYGITAL”, a mix of physical and digital editions via the online showroom. A real plus for brands in terms of promotion and sales support.

Due to the historical situation, the virtual dimension of the presentation of any brand is becoming increasingly necessary. Do you think it will replace the physical dimension or that this is just a temporary measure?

MP: We'll mix both today and the new area for the business and the final consumers will be the “PHYGITAL” format.

I read that your motto is "consume less but better". What does it mean for you to consume better? Is the value of craftsmanship important in the choice of purchase?

MP: We are entering the era of slow life, especially since the unprecedented health crisis and pandemic with an awareness of “consume less but better” that means for brands in particular to be more responsible in its sourcing, in its production, in its chain of traceability and what it engenders. This especially in the face of fast fashion which invades us with its share of derivatives.

Slow jewelry today is developing, enriched with arguments that make sense for buyers and end consumers, it goes without saying that it is a reality and an opportunity for Creators to stand out from the crowd and defend their values ​​and products.

You have always had a great interest in young brands and emerging talents. What do you look for in a young designer and what advice would you give to those who choose to pursue this career?

MP: My selection is based on my personal sensitivity to the product, as well as trends. I am passionate about young creation with their values, their storytelling. So I always try to highlight them by mixing with more established brands, references.

Who are the young designers you’ve decided to invest in lately?

MP: It's difficult to choose among my brands. I would highlight the Creators of Slow Jewelry, an ethical and responsible approach in connection with the news.

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September 26 2021