INDELIBLE 2: Jewelry of Undeniable Meaning (2)

Art. 121

Jewelry of Undeniable Meaning continues: The “themes” in traditional exhibitions named by the curator, set the stage, the tone and lay the foundation for an intention and wearable art is no different. It is the framework, the architectural backbone, driving force of the concept to be explored by the artists. Whilst some host obvious undertones, the theme of nature can offer a more subtle landscape for presenting a non-verbal idea, however, this does not imply passivity as evidenced in The Shape of Nature hosted by DBC International Designer Space - Beijing Design Week, Sept. 26th – Oct. 6th 2021. 


“The exhibition theme is The Shape of Nature in jewellery art. Wearability, techniques and aesthetics are important parts for admission. The committee received hundreds of excellent international submissions from all over the world. After the evaluation and selection, 62 international artists have been selected and 3 prizes are awarded. The next steps of this project will be the official book edition, exhibition, and art jewellery conference organization”. Curator Herman Sun. Yes, the exhibition includes the usual suspects of nature inspired elements, branches, seeds, sand, colorful floral convections, yet its this unusual necklace Motus Leporarius Necklace by Adriana Del Duca of Genos Gioelli that makes  an unexpected mark. It portrays “action” in a unique way: dogs coming, going and in equal footing handsome in both the attack and retreat mode.  Leporarius, from hare hunting, is the term from which Levriero (greyhound) derives, the breed of dogs that inspired the design of this necklace. The designer Adriana Del Duca explains: “I chose this animal for its stylized shape with strong communicative power. Caught in the act of jumping into its silhouette, the quintessence is captured, that is what animates the figure, the latent energy that makes it alive, in motion.” The Motus Leporarius necklace is made by assembling 56 plexiglass shapes that make up the figure of the greyhounds. Their combination returns a play of overlapping lines that give further dynamism to the necklace. The technique used takes into account the behavior of the forms through transparency, movement and reflections. The creative process is inspired by some principles of optical art and kinetic art typical of the artistic movement headed by the VenezuelansCarlos Cruz Diez, Alejandro Otero and Jesus Soto. Materials: Plexiglass, onyx, magnets, Dimensions: 68 x 8 x3 cm, Photographer: Gennaro Navarra. Motus Leporarius with a clasp secured by magnets, offers the choice of wearing it two ways: to see the dogs run away or call them back (see below). Because of the gifted design plan of repetition in her creative calculations, Adriana is able to actualize wearable art that connects us with “man’s best friend” in the most striking and unexpected manner – it evokes flexibility by the way it shaped, the ability to be worn inside out and the clarity of materials black and white … Greyhounds are the CLEAR winner. To see / purchase Adriana’s work ( range $150-$1,100) , please view the STW gallery site here on OVERJEWELS.

September 21 2021