Evelyn Cerys announces the new Hope & Regeneration collection

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Evelyn Cerys announces the new Hope & Regeneration collection

Inspired by natural regeneration this collection consists of wearable, eye-catching silver jewelry adorned by vibrant colors your choice. It wants to remind us in a youthful style that the seeds of hope & regeneration are everywhere; we only need to observe them.

Growth starts within the plant seed, the invisible movements of nature forces are shown in an exquisite artistic twisting of pure silver wires, depicting the plant microcosm.  Celebrating regeneration and being bought to live by light, the jewelry catching it shows stunning colors each time you look at them, depending on the light reflection around the winding filigree forces.

Looking at the ring you know that everything will come back to normal and trust the future! 

Adding the equally stunning earrings gives a sophistication note to a thoughtful and optimistic personality. Through carefully uniquely handcrafted pieces the artist embodies the essence of natural growth laws for plants. The fluid lines resemble the seed shape, reflecting empowering self-expression.

A pendant completes the playful look in a whimsical style to evoke natural laws that enhance confidence in the self and in the surrounding world. They are a perfect addition to a simple outfit or a cocktail evening. The exceptionally stylish-fresh jewelry makes the wearer look magical.

The mind-engaging elegant jewelry is realized out of sterling and pure silver, natural colors and resin.  A piece of jewelry belonging to this timelessness collection appeals to the wearer`s meaningful personal connection with the natural growth forces, drawing attention to a new exclusive style.

Evelyn Cerys creates jewelry pieces to express the wearer`s personality and the intangible world of beauty. By using materials like silver, precious stones and other, she expresses harmony and attractiveness of an idea, mood, etc. Her artistic jewelry created on commission capture unique traits expressed through an engaging style, combined with special attention to detail. Her works can be bought / commissioned via www.overjewels.com.

August 19 2021