Cecilia Accardo

Cecilia Accardo

Artists & Artisans - Italy

There is so much that is personal in what I do. Jewelry for me is not just an aesthetic ornament or a status symbol, it is a harmonious composition that comes from the meeting of creativity, technique and individual personality. Jewelry is my favorite expressive language because I feel that my creations are true aesthetic narratives that take shape from my emotions, feelings and experiences. Therefore, my greatest aspiration is to create small works of art, artifacts that respond to a timeless aesthetic ideal.

I grew up surrounded by beauty. My mother - who made the house in which I was born a temple made of marble, silver, glass and fine fabrics - educated me in classical and neo-classical Beauty. On the other hand, being the daughter of a culture that has a thousand-year-old tradition in the decorative and applied arts has contributed to forming my aesthetic taste, which I feel is deeply rooted in my origins.
In my education I have cultivated my inclination for "what is beautiful" through a continuous process of evolution, experimentation and growth that I consider to be personal as well as professional.

In 2011, I graduated in Jewelry Design from the IED in Milan (Italy), but the importance I attach to "knowing how to make with my hands," as well as the desire to give form and thus life to my creations, have pushed me to the study and practice of various techniques specific to goldsmithing. Since experience is the master of all things, parallel to my course of study I have in fact taken alternative courses letting my passions and curiosity guide me.

Instead, it is the desire to give soul and color to my jewelry that drove me to study gemology of diamonds and colored stones at the Gemological Institute of America in New York (USA).

In addition to all these experiences, my aesthetic sensibility has been strongly influenced by the guidance of Master Goldsmith Gianni Bionda, creator-through the ancient technique of chisel embossing-of an eternal Beauty; forged, bent and molded in metal.
Studying and learning the parameters of sacred art, combining forms, contrasts and symmetries for the purpose of achieving compositional harmony, was a great privilege for me. Working in Master Bionda's goldsmith workshop taught me the wonder of shaping matter, but also to cultivate patience.

Following this experience, I worked for a fashion house, overseeing both design and product development for several years. While continuing to work as an external consultant for large corporations, the desire to escape the too-fast pace of industry prompted me to produce my first collection, born out of the impulse to return to indulging what I believe are the "times of Beauty."