Stangrecki Sztuka

Stangrecki Sztuka

Artists & Artisans - Poland

Tomasz Stangrecki: 
1985-1988 Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Katowice Campus), 
1988 – 1993 Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg and
                     Academy of Fine Arts,  Munich

During his long professional career, his art has crystallized around two paths –

The first path comprises his collaborations with other people and institutions.

2000-2010 -  he collaborated with the playwright and director Ingmar Villqist as a set designer and assistant director in the following performances: Helver's Night, Anaerobes, Oscar and Ruth, and The Case of the City of Ellmit
2005 –  he was the set designer and director's assistant in Piotr Szmitke’s opera The Hysterical Museum of Mme Eurosis, performed at the Silesian Opera in Bytom
2005 – he worked as second set designer and production manager for the full-length feature film Helmucik
2010 –– he worked as second set designer and production manager for the full-length feature film  “
Ewa”, in which he also made his acting debut
2011 – He collaborated with the cinematographer Adam Sikora - test shooting for the film Mill and Cross directed by Lech Majewski
2021 – member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers
2021 – member of Programme Committee of the Goldsmithing Artists' Association

In the second path of his career has concentrated on his own individual works of sculpture, drawings, paintings, spatial, functional and advertising designs, as well as art jewellery. Currently, his principal creative focus is artwork based on silver and precious metals - micro-sculptures, three-dimensional bas-reliefs where form is subordinate to function -  in which he alludes to archetypes and anthropological symbols from our cultural past.

His fascination with amber:

2002-2004 – in collaboration with Andrzej Urbanowicz, Art Gallery in Katowice - Hotel Warszawa
2005  - An exhibition of his art jewellery organized in  the Upper Silesian Museum in Bytom
2019 – 2021  – ‘Other Worlds’ – an exhibition of his silver sculpture on show in Sopot, Krakow and Warsaw. 
2021 – 2022 -  He took part in the Amberif Design AWARD competition and the Amberif fair
2022 – He took part in the DOTYK competition and his work featured in the post-competition exhibition organized as part the Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver.
2022 – LOOK AT exhibition… organized as part of the Legnica Jewellery Festival Silver. 
2022 – TRENDBOOK 2022 – a publication featuring art works and an exhibition in the Amber Museum in Gdansk.
2022 – Fashion and Amber Jewellery Show in collaboration with Joanna Weyna PUDU and Dorota Cenecka – Gin Atelier 
2022 –  Exhibition - “In an Amber Frame” - held in Międzyzdroje as part of the Festival of Stars 
2022 – Milano Jewellery Week  - exhibition organized as part of the ‘WATER-EARTH-WIND-FIRE” scenario
2023 – Exhibition -  “In an Amber Frame” - in the Natural History Museum in Krakow