BA Gioielli

BA Gioielli

Artists & Artisans - Italy

life long story

I like to think that a jewel is an expression of ourselves, of our uniqueness and unrepeatability. Thus was born BA a shop that offers artisanal, hand-made jewels. Jewels created by a continuous experimentation of metals, shapes and processes. Jewelery with attention to detail, not approved for passing fashions, which differentiate us from the crowd.

That kind of jewel that remains beautiful over time and that acquires symbolic value as part of us and of our history.

Look at the BA collections, close your eyes and dream… imagine what you would like to wear that is truly special and precious. I'll take care of the rest, book a call, send me a photo or a drawing of your idea and I'll help you make your wish come true. 


Unique and unrepeatable like a tailored suit. A jewel makes the best memories of our life shine and makes us feel closer to the people we love. As a tattoo it tells our story and represents us.

Become your own designer for a day and we will make your dream come true.